10154909_795282053816377_5658849270081083055_n         My favorite part about health and fitness is my workouts.  I love working out! It gives me energy, makes me feel great and had give me a lot of confidence, something i was laking of for a long time.  Some of you might see my before and after picture and might say oh i like her more when she was heavier, but truth is that for a 4’11 girl 140 pounds was not right, and to be honest i was more heavy than what i am on that picture.  My ideal weight is 103 for my height, my body was screaming for help but i didnt listen to ir, i was depressed, obese, i had back problems, i was having a lot of trouble sleeping, i was lazy all day and i needed a change.  Loosing weight is way more than just looking good, is giving your body exacly what it needs to function right during the day and not make it over work with extra food or highly processed foods.  So lets get started and go on the right path, lets love our bodies and make them functional and live a long healthy life.